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Every denim

Contents Creation

We produced an event to announce a new EVERY DENIM product. EVERY DENIM is a brand that provides long-lasting denim, with the theme of "making the distance close between producer and user." We attempted to express this through the spatial design, and creation of contents like photos and videos.


We created a video that shows the full process of denim creation, along with a condensed look at the environment and culture of Kojima, where it is produced. Featuring a powerful song with a strong beat, the impressive content of the video will keep the viewers entertained.


We took photos of a workplace filled with the spirit of creativity, and other photos that show a sincere approach to the creative process. The photos allow the viewers to feel the intense atmosphere inside the denim factory.


The concept of the event held in "hotel koé tokyo," Shibuya, was "analog in a digital city." We created a "experience corner" so that people could feel a bit more affinity with craftsmanship, using all five senses. Also, the flow in the video and photo exhibitions is designed to show people each step of the denim manufacturing process in order.