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Corporate Identity Design

We designed the Corporate Identity for Surpass Inc. (established in 2008). Surpass runs a business supporting women in the workplace, focuses on the accompanying sales process outsourcing (SPO). The company has entered its 11th year, and in time for the expansion into a new business unit, we developed a Corporate Identity that closely represents the company that Surpass will become in the future.


Surpassing your rule. Aiming to become a mediator between women and society, and to create a future in which anyone can live true to themselves. "Proceeding forward step by step without being tied to the ways of working and thinking of the past." We employed the English word "Surpass", which is also used as the company name, to express this attitude of the company. In the word "Rule", we incorporate the meaning of surpassing "all general concepts that already exist".


To give people the better selection. We aim to offer options that perfectly fit each individual person, and to create a positive outlook on life. Thinking up and providing options that make the best use of each person’s personality regardless of their gender. In addition, utilizing this approach to enrich and enhance the lives of all people we come in contact with - this is the vision we designed for Surpass which is set to further broaden its business.


Think independently.
-Don’t get caught up in generally accepted opinions, but have your own personal way of thinking.

-Think for new.-
Pursue new discoveries, joys, and interests that connect to a new future.

-Think together for all.-
Value the importance of colleagues and partners, and walk forward together.
"Never stop thinking." To properly reflect this attitude of Surpass, we placed the word "Think" at the beginning of each of the three values. We also defined the values so that they could become new action principles by incorporating 1) the management’s wish for employees to search for new interesting opportunities in innovative work that creates new business areas, but also in their current daily work, and 2) the attitude of keeping good relationships with colleagues, which is a part of the DNA of Surpass.


We drew lines underneath the mission, vision, and values of Surpass, formed a triangle ABC with these lines as its sides, and then applied this theorem. The new equilateral triangle that was created by this process was then likened to the reformed Surpass and used for the logo design.

The key to accomplishing the mission/vision are the 3 values beginning with "Think". Also, only when the 3 parts of mission, vision, and values are realized in a balanced way can this bring about new changes in the company. We focused our attention on the number 3, which is the common factor in these two concepts, and chose "Napoleon’s triangle" as motif. "Describe equilateral triangles upon the three sides of any triangle: then the lines which join the centers of gravity of those three equilateral triangles will constitute an equilateral triangle. This triangle is called Napoleon’s triangle." From "Napoleon’s theorem"