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Corporate Identity Design

We were involved in the design of the corporate identity of unname Co., Ltd. (founded in 2019) during its establishment. unname is a company that seeks to update the peak of people’s lives by creating services, experiences, words, thoughts, and happenings through "creating goals you are dedicated to" in the world. As our company has been intimately involved since the early stages of unname’s establishment, we have channeled the passion of their founder into the company’s name and corporate identity. The company name "unname" reflects its aim to become "an organization that gives names to feelings and phenomena that are as yet unnamed, and creates new meaning for them."


Update your peak.
"Update oneself constantly, and go beyond your present self, the current world, and existing boundaries." As unname strives to have as many people as possible experience "an encounter with their hidden self (≒who is present, albeit unnamed)" through the sheer force of their "dedication," we have incorporated that into the company’s mission statement.


Creating goals you are dedicated to. What must be done in order to achieve the company’s mission to "update your peak"? Reflecting on that question has led us to this vision. unname believes that "'dedication' is a means of redefining one's happiness." Creating and sharing plans that require dedication allows for someone to reflect on their own happiness and gives them the motivation to realize it. Doing this will gradually bring people into a rich and vibrant world. This has become the unyielding vision of unname, who is ready to take the first step.


Give everything a meaning. Decide on what you don't do. Enjoy yourself the most.
We have enshrined the above "frames of mind that make dedication possible" that unname believes in as the company’s core value. We have taken the keywords that emerged in our dialogue with Mr. Miyawaki, the founder of unname, integrated them with the values that the company holds dear, and put them into words. Values provide guidance that inspire the company’s members and play the role of instilling self-discipline in them. As such, by setting out these 3 frames of mind, unname will be able to send the message that "members of unname must never forget to remain dedicated in what they do.”


The theme of the entire logo we have designed is "boldness."
This expresses the high hopes of unname for a future that is created through the dedication of individuals.
Leaving blanks with boldness.
We have made the choice of using bold "blanks" as the motif of our design to reflect unname's naming concept of "an organization that gives names to feelings and phenomena that are as yet unnamed, and creates new meaning for them." This also shows our excitement about how unname will be giving names to these phenomena.
Using commas with boldness.
After the mission and vision statements of "continue to update the peak of your life by creating goals that you are dedicated to," we decided to boldly use "commas" instead of periods after the blank. This is to confer on the quality of "dedication," as well as how the peak of one's life is updated through dedication, the sense of a process that will "endlessly continue."


We have used the font Bahnschrift. This font is efficient, exudes a stylish atmosphere, and possesses a soft, round quality. It captures the poise of individuals who are "dedicated," and the happiness that will accompany their hard work.

Name card

We have created the name cards of unname based on instructions that they are to be "name cards that can be easily understood by people of any position and offer a sense of intimacy." The logo and text are printed in front conspicuously. The design of the reverse side features an image of an "endlessly high mountain top," printed alongside the mission statement of unname.