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Corporate Identity Design

Wakrak Co., Ltd. (previously Spacelook Co., Ltd., established in 2017) underwent rebranding. Wakrak’s Day Work service helps companies secure as many part-time employees as they need on a daily basis. From logo design to Owned Media, we poured in our creative juice to popularize the idea of "Day Work".


"Making a world where people can do whatever they like whenever and wherever they want"
This is a Wakrak’s mission. We took these three elements and incorporated them into the company’s logo design. The three triangles that grow in size from left to right represent the fact that the idea of "Day Work" is going to present more choices for everyone, and that Wakrak will continue growing as a company.

The "W" in Wakrak

The company’s logo design is based on the letter "W" in Wakrak.
We decided to design the company’s logo this way because we took into account the use of text logo in the corporate world, and also because we would like to create an association between the company’s name and their service in order to help people better remember them. 
In addition, notice how the "W" is not a complete one; this symbolizes the fact that "Day Work" is still a relatively new idea, and that Wakrak is determined to create a whole new market out of it.


The logo is a combination of three different colors, and this symbolizes Wakrak’s hope that "through Day Work, we will create a more diversified work environment for everyone". 
The three different colors also symbolize how everyone at Wakrak has their own unique work style and their personality. Also, by making yellow the accent color in the company’s logo, we are showing the Wakrak’s hope that the future work environment will be a bright, positive one with new work styles.

Owned Media

Hoping to introduce the services to corporations, we proposed to start Owned Media.
This is where we collect opinions from people who have used "Wakuraku", Wakrak’s Day Work application, and publish them. We were involved all along the way - from coming up with design for the company’s website to Owned Media.

UI/UX Design

We have improved UI/ UX for "Wakuraku", Wakrak’s Day Work application.
By incorporating Wakrak's key colors on each page, we would like to improve the company’s perceived brand equity.