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Corporate identity design

We have designed the corporate identity of χ technology (formerly Withsoft Co.,ltd., founded in 1990.)
χ technology Co.,ltd. is an IT company developing software. We have created a new company name and logo for a fresh start, and for the rebranding for the purpose of the advancement of recruitment activities.

"Ripple" – Conveying value

What we chose as a motif is "spice" that can bring changes in food.
This is expressed by the ripples when a spice is put into a pot and the value that χ technology. offers society which are like accumulating waves that are created and then radiate outward.

"Circle" – Expressing feelings

Expressing their corporate attitude of "Do not forget your initial intentions, no matter how tall you may grow," we chose a composition that conveys "If you stack multiple logos together, you will ultimately return to the first circle."

Name of Company

The company name χ technology (Kai technology) finds its origins in the concept of "improving society, making it a better place." The design of the logo that shows the identity of χ technology is based on the kanji characters for "ripple" and "circle."